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as well as...


In the season 2018/19, the Infinity Quartett will focus on compositions by three composer-performers. Apart from Vinko Globokar’s Réponse à „Letters“ après „Second Thoughts“ (1996), which will be premiered in the version for mezzo-soprano, flute, accordion and percussion, new pieces from Martin Jaggi (b. 1978) and Mike Svoboda (b. 1960) will receive their world premiere. But it is not their activities as composer-performers alone that link the two outstanding trombonists Globokar and Svoboda and the internationally renowned cellist Jaggi to each other. Through their individual biographies, all three artists are also connected to more than one culture or nation: Globokar, raised both in France and Yugoslavia, thus shares his double heritage with the US-born Svoboda, now living in Basel, and the Swiss Jaggi who lives and works both in Switzerland and Singapore. Their manifold roots will play a decisive role especially in Svoboda’s and Jaggi’s compositions: Whereas Svoboda, in his Songs from Home and far away, will deal with longing and belonging, Jaggi bases his work on ancient Asian inscriptions. Globokar’s approach seems more abstract by comparison: “The idea of the piece is a reflection on a reflection on an original which in itself is also a reflection” (Globokar). The new program is thus dedicated to multiple perspectives – to the “as well as”.


Atemstrom im Perkussionsgewitter - Das kurios besetzte Infinity Quartett aus Basel zu Gast bei Musica Nova im Kunstmuseum konkret

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